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Your StrongFirst Gym Is Your Source for Strength

All StrongFirst Instructors have passed the same strict testing criteria—and retest to maintain that credential every two years—but not all of them have a training facility. If you are looking for a gym to train at—a gym with coaches who have met our industry-high standards of safe and effective strength instruction—you have come to the right place.

Just like our Instructors, these official StrongFirst Accredited Gyms have met strict approval criteria. And yes—all are equipped with our favorite tools for strength: bars and plates, kettlebells, and pull-up bars.

Select a StrongFirst gym, and you can be sure that the training instruction, guidance, and supervision you receive there meet StrongFirst’s standards of quality.

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Total Count: 49
Name CityStateCountryType
Raheny, Dublin 5 IrelandGym
SomervilleMassachusettsUnited StatesGym
Cesena  ItalyGym
RichmondBritish ColumbiaCanadaGym
Kennett SquarePennsylvaniaUnited StatesGym
Fort WayneIndianaUnited StatesGym
SpringdaleArkansasUnited StatesGym
BaltimoreMarylandUnited StatesGym
Vienna VirginiaUnited StatesGym
Marshchapel United KingdomGym
MyareeWestern AustraliaAustraliaGym
Porto Alegre BrazilGym
Woodland HillsCaliforniaUnited StatesGym
Epinal FranceGym
Kraków PolandGym
DuluthGeorgiaUnited StatesGym
Silver CreekGeorgiaUnited StatesGym
Deer Park New YorkUnited StatesGym
Budapest HungaryGym
Saratoga SpringsNew YorkUnited StatesGym
Los AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesGym
AlbuquerqueNew MexicoUnited StatesGym
New YorkNew YorkUnited StatesGym
AshburnVirginiaUnited StatesGym
SeattleWashingtonUnited StatesGym
Singapore SingaporeGym
Monticello Conte Otto (VI) ItalyGym
O'ConnorWestern AustraliaAustraliaGym
BirminghamAlabamaUnited StatesGym
PortlandOregonUnited StatesGym
Praha 3 Czech RepublicGym
SeattleWashingtonUnited StatesGym
New CityNew YorkUnited StatesGym
Gallarate ItalyGym
FairfieldNew JerseyUnited StatesGym
Oakland CaliforniaUnited StatesGym
San ClementeCaliforniaUnited StatesGym
AmarilloTexasUnited StatesGym
East Brisbane. QueenslandAustraliaGym
DurhamNorth CarolinaUnited StatesGym
zikrit LebanonGym
AtlantaGeorgiaUnited StatesGym
Los AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesGym
Bareggio ItalyGym
Napoli ItalyGym
BrookfieldWisconsinUnited StatesGym
TucsonArizonaUnited StatesGym
Manhattan Beach CaliforniaUnited StatesGym