Stop passively tolerating the suck and burn of a rugby game, a kettlebell snatch test, or an obstacle course. Train your body to produce less lactic acid with a revolutionary method. Improve your health and body comp while you are at it.

Kettlebell Simple & Sinister®

World’s #1 kettlebell program for beginners and beyond—now on video.

Take the power!

Derek Toshner


Master the Snatch, the Tsar of Kettlebell Lifts

Your ultimate guide for achieving extreme total fitness with the most explosive kettlebell exercise. Perfected step-by-step instruction. Breathing and grip subtleties. Dynamic snatch variations. State-of-the-art programming.

Fabio Zonin


A Complete Guide to Pressing a Heavy Kettlebell

This course is for those who don’t settle for basic instruction and average strength. Dive deep into the subtleties of elite pressing with master instructor Fabio Zonin—and come out stronger. Much stronger.


Achieve superior performance, resilience, and grace under pressure through breathing mastery. Accept no pseudoscience or psychobabble—learn state-of-the-art techniques from the arsenal of Russian athletes and special forces.

StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals

In case civilization is temporary®, learn how to get a powerlifting quality strength workout anytime, anywhere, using only your bodyweight as resistance.


The Ultimate Deadlift Guide for World Class Strength & Skill

The deadlift is the ultimate test of strength. And a rock solid foundation for sprinting, jumping, striking, throwing… This deceptively simple lift demands extraordinary attention to detail. If you dream to pull big, this course is for you.

StrongFirst Barbell Fundamentals

At StrongFirst we are experts at making the weak strong and the strong stronger. Learn professional grade lifting skills in the four classic lifts—plus a couple of “underground” exercises perfect for training around injuries or when you have no bench or power rack.
Geoff Neupert

Kettlebell STRONG!

Get stronger, faster, by using a pair of kettlebells. “Kettlebell STRONG!” methodology accelerates this process through “Technique Stacking.”

StrongFirst Teaching Principles

Instructors Only: As Students of Strength, we embrace—and quite possibly thrive from—the responsibility to "walk the talk" as we pursue, practice, and promote our principles and the greater purpose that strength serves.

Kettlebell Instructor's Toolbox

Instructors Only: Coaching and instruction is more than just working your student(s) into the ground. Good coaching means making the right choices for the goals in mind: visualizing MORE options, not LESS.