Lead Instructor:  Fabio Zonin
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A Complete Guide to Pressing a Heavy Kettlebell

This course is for those who don’t settle for basic instruction and average strength.

Dive deep into the subtleties of elite pressing with master instructor Fabio Zonin—and come out stronger. Much stronger.

You will learn:

  • The three keys to a perfect press
  • A learning sequence refined for the fastest and most thorough skills acquisition
  • This handle placement innovation alone is likely to add kilos to your press
  • How to “arm wrestle” the kettlebell for greater strength and safety
  • A subtle “victorious” wrist action will light up your triceps for a powerful lockout
  • The guide to perfectly stacking the kettlebell and your joints—explained better than ever
  • The three cues vital to strong and healthy shoulder mechanics
  • The two highest yield drills for press specific shoulder mobility
  • The strength magic of the “G.L.A.G.”
  • How to find an unlikely pressing ally in your lats
  • A power inhalation—how to load your breath for strength
  • When to hold your breath and when to power breathe—use this exact timing to press big
  • An active negative—to keep your shoulders healthy and to build more mass
  • A breakthrough two-step sequence for mastering the perfect—for you—press grove (even gireviks who have been pressing heavy for years find it to be game changing)
  • Divide your press into these two phases to deepen your understanding of the lift and accelerate your gains
  • Two killer cues, one for each pressing phase
  • Stand strong and press heavy and strict with these three pro tips
  • A “double trigger” for a most powerful start—an essential StrongFirst cue taken to the next level
  • Why it is impossible to stay perfectly upright when pressing a heavy kettlebell overhead—and how to shift your body “legally,” without turning the military press into a side press or wrecking your lower back
  • The specialized variety drills hand-picked for fastest gains:
    • Floor press—to teach your shoulders strength and health
    • Z-press—to knock the habit to lean back out of you and to replace it with a bulletproof brace
    • Half kneeling press—to master a perfect hip shift
    • Loaded clean—to make your max feel like a feather
    • “Push-pull”—to tap into your “muscle software” and activate maximally
    • Bottom-up press—to optimize your groove and weight stacking and to build a fierce grip that is a must for pressing really heavy weights
    • Stacked press—to drive the “arm wrestling” concept home
  • Two state of the art Built Strong training plans for massive size and strength—designed by “Maestro of Programming” himself

No matter how many years you have spent under heavy iron, we promise that this video will enable you to stand victorious with a heavier kettlebell than ever.

Course Lessons (3)

Part of Course

Module 1: Build Strong from Top Down

The 3 keys to pressing big… Your shoulders: mobilize, stabilize, bulletproof… Learn powerful cues and lead-up drills… Discover the perfect groove… Stack your joints for strength… Grip > wrist > elbow > shoulder > upper back > abs > glutes...
Part of Course

Module 2: Build Strong from Ground Up

...Feet > knees > hips… How to boost your pressing strength with your legs—without cheating… Perfect your “trigger” to sync a full body effort into a mighty press… Keep getting stronger with highly targeted “specialized variety” presses...
Part of Course

Module 3: Victorious Programming

Strength training as a practice… The key principles of professional strength programming… Perfect your heavy pressing skills with this Strong Endurance tactic… Keep building with two state-of-the-art Built Strong plans… Stand victorious!

Course Specs

Course Goals

  1. Replicate the precise technique of a professional with our master sequence of cues and triggers.
  2. Achieve full body control and increase your strength in the press and other lifts.
  3. Multiply the effects of technical mastery with two training plans based on the undefeated Soviet Olympic weightlifting system.

Test Your Knowledge

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Lead Instructor

Fabio Zonin

StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor

Fabio Zonin is a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor. He is also the Ground Force Method National Director for Italy, the BPro Physical Functional Training Director for Italy, and the Flexible Steel European Director of Operations. Fabio is a former powerlifter, natural bodybuilder, and owner of fitness centers. He was the first Italian to accomplish the Beast Tamer Challenge. He has been a Master Teacher for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) for almost two decades (1994-2012) and the former vice president of AINBB (Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding).