StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals

Module 6: Hanging Leg Raise

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Q. Thanks Brett! As always, super fast response that is exactly on point :) Much appreciated!
Meghan (2/21/2023 10:31 AM)
A. Meghan—glad to help
Brett Jones
Q. Hi. Regarding the question by tongzilla on the written description of the stretch for shoulder external rotators, I'm also having a hard time visualizing this stretch. Were you able to chase anything down for a video? (I can also participate via the SF forum if that's an easier way to see things.) Thank you.
Meghan (2/21/2023 8:59 AM)
A. Meghan—please try this link to a video of my demonstration of the drill and let me know if you have any questions: https://youtube.com/shorts/TWdIyNERFK4
Brett Jones
Q. What if I am flexion intolerant? Stick with partial hlr?
MarkB556 (11/5/2022 12:16 AM)
A. MarkB556—Yes. Limit the range to what you can control and "delete" any exercise that is not right for you.
Brett Jones
Q. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr6aBmeFyLg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMS8vbUOJcE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIkj9xoS5lw Links fixed, thanks
KLB81 (1/30/2022 9:59 AM)
A. KLB81—keep working on the floor leg raise and partial leg raises. The momentum, leaning back and bending of the legs in the full leg raise are a bit much—test it periodically but keep the focus on the others.
Brett Jones
Q. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr6aBmeFyLg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMS8vbUOJcE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIkj9xoS5lw Please let me know any thoughts on the above form 1 LLR and 2 HLR 1 HLR I tried to keep legs straight and I have limited ROM the other HLR I allowed leg bend and kip to complete the range of motion Which of these styles should I focus on and any other tips? thanks
KLB81 (1/28/2022 11:37 AM)
A. KLB81—all of the videos are set to private.
Brett Jones
Q. Hi, thank you for the great course. The floor leg raise is teaching me plenty about the usage of upper abs / serratus muscles. I am also interested to see a video / pictures of the stretch that is mentioned in the programming workbook. Any chance to get a video up on Youtube / SF community forum? Thanks!
TFL (7/13/2021 5:45 AM)
A. TFL—let me see what I can do.
Brett Jones
Q. How to progress in HLR? Meaning: I can add weight to all of the other practices in the program and maintain low rep. Do I just settle once I reach, say, 10 rep. and work on the rest of the program adding weights?
GrigoryStepanov (4/16/2021 5:55 PM)
A. Grigory—Light ankle weights can be added but be careful of changes in form and overloading the hips and lower back.
Brett Jones
Q. Brett can you post a link of the video or picture here?
tongzilla (12/28/2020 2:48 PM)
A. tongzilla—I'll see what I can do soon.
Brett Jones
Q. this is written in the hanging leg raise section of the programming pdf guide: "The following stretch for the external shoulder rotators is recommended after HLR and pullup training. Sit on the ground with your knees bent. Place the backs of your palms against your lower stomach, the fingers pointing out, the shoulders extremely internally rotated, the chest sunk in and the spine flexed. Place your elbows inside your knees. Gently squeeze your knees." can someone show me what this stretch looks like and why it's relevant for the hanging leg raise?
tongzilla (12/24/2020 5:54 AM)
A. tongzilla—I will need to check and see if I can post pictures/videos here but might need to do it on the StrongFirst Community Forum on the main website. It is relevant to the HLR and pullup to stretch the external rotators after they have worked in stabilizing the shoulder in those movements.
Brett Jones
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