Kettlebell Simple & Sinister™

Module 3: The Deadlift—the Most Fundamental Strength Skill

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whole word
Q. Thanks for this video! At 2'20" the instruction is to not squat your hip hinge.. I would love more detail on this. Pavel then demonstrates a squat but it looks almost identical to the hip hinge. What's the difference.. ?
dadadad321 (2/24/2023 7:57 PM)
A. dadadad321—When Pavel demonstrates the squat watch the hips—they travel down more than back but when he demonstrates the Hip hinge his hips travel back with almost no downward movement.
Brett Jones
Q. what's the best cue to help with correcting chicken neck?
Coach P (2/13/2023 3:05 PM)
A. Coach P—you can perform a supine plank (just like it sounds a "face up" plank recreating the perfect finish position of the deadlift or swing) and the neck position will be correct. And the "stick on the back deadlift"—keeping contact between the stick and the head, t-spine, and sacrum during a bodyweight hip hinge.
Brett Jones
Q. fantastic cues for the hinge and finding natural stance for deadlift and squatting. Love it!
Coach P (2/13/2023 3:01 PM)
A. Thank you Coach P
Brett Jones
Q. On average, how long should a work out be starting from warm up lesson 1, 2 and 3.
stubby (11/14/2022 7:15 AM)
A. stubby—it is going to vary on the individual and where they are in their practice. The warm-up can be upwards of 10 minutes, Swings can take 10-20 min and Get-ups can take 10-15 min. But again this depends on where the individual is in both their skill progression and conditioning progression.
Brett Jones
Q. Can there be a little more on the breathing?
stubby (11/9/2022 6:50 AM)
A. stubby—Breathing is taught specific to each skill through the course. Please let me know if you have any question on it after watching the full course.
Brett Jones
Q. Is the soundtrack for this course available anywhere?
Tom 4th (11/3/2022 10:25 AM)
A. Tom 4th—the music is all stock licensed music not available as a soundtrack etc.
Brett Jones
Q. High quality module, as always. A constructive feedback: the background music takes overhand after a while and undermines my concentration on the teaching. I would suggest that the music should be quieter.
EdEm (10/26/2022 11:36 AM)
A. EdEm—Thank you. We appreciate your feedback and I will pass this along to the team.
Brett Jones
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