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Module 7: Sumo Deadlift


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whole word
Q. What does it mean by “spilling the pelvis” under set-up section in the workbook?
sumanjitsg (4/24/2023 12:14 PM)
A. sumanjitsg—"spilling the pelvis" means dropping the front of the pelvis into an anterior tilt.
Brett Jones
Q. I am not sure about what exact purpose pushing the knees out should have. Is it just to guarantee the alignment of knee with foot or is it an active movement for hip rotation which should be kept the whole time? When I am for example at a 30° foot stance and then push knees out intentionally, then the knees tend to point actually wider outside than my foot, which feels strange. But when I dont concentrate on that at all, knees and feet are pretty much aligned, but it feels less stable. Sorry for my English, hope my question was clear
salzburg1756 (3/21/2021 1:32 PM)
A. salzburg—never apologize for feeling like your second (or third) language could be better....I still struggle with my one. The goal of "opening" the hips by pushing the knees out is to maintain alignment and open the hips as noted. And the fact that you feel less stable without it could be a good indicator that opening the hips is helping. A video to check could be good and you can post it here (via link) or on the main StrongFirst Community Forum.
Brett Jones
Q. In the Deadlift Dynamite (pag. 16) I can found "...looking at a spot on the floor 6-10 feet in front of you..." here 6-10 inches, it this a typo or a change? Thank you
marcomura_ks (12/3/2019 1:38 AM)
A. Marco I believe I answered this already but it is 6-10 inches—recommendations on this vary according to DL style and body type. You have to experiment to find the right one for you.
Brett Jones
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