Module 5: One-Arm Swing

Lead Instructor: Lance Coffel
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In this next lesson, we guide you through how to take on an asymmetrical load by introducing you the one-arm swing. Learning how to properly pack your shoulder is essential for this exercise.

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Lesson Chapters

  1. Introduction to the One-Arm Swing
  2. Demonstration: One-Arm Swing
  3. Drills: One-Arm Swing
  4. Conclusion to the One-Arm Swing

Lance Coffel

Senior SFG

Lance Coffel, Senior SFG, has been in the fitness industry professionally for over 40 years. During that time he's had the opportunity to experience numerous exercise methods. Getting his certification with Pavel in 2006 had a profound impact. He believes that if he was "stranded on a desert island" and had only 1 tool to get strong and conditioned, the kettlebell would be that tool! Lance continues to train with kettlebells on a daily basis and travels for StrongFirst teaching Courses and Certifications.