Module 1: Introduction to S&S

Lead Instructors:  Pavel MacekJustyna Macková
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Welcome to world’s #1 kettlebell program!

Lead Instructors

Pavel Macek

StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor, StrongFirst Elite, Sinister

Pavel (together with Justyna K. Macková) was the first StrongFirst certified instructor in the Czech Republic. He is a pioneer of kettlebell lifting in the Czech Republic and an official StrongFirst country leader for Czechia. In 2008 he opened the first kettlebell gym in the Czech Republic, KB5 Gym Prague. He teaches strength training, Chinese combatives, reality-based self-defense, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Justyna Macková

StrongFirst Certified Team Leader, StrongFirst Elite

Justyna (together with Pavel Macek, StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor) is the first StrongFirst certified instructor in the Czech Republic. Justyna is the Chief-Instructor and Gym founder of Functional Training in Prague (est. in 2010) - a unique gym only for women. Justyna and her instructors (also StrongFirst ladies) lead by example, promoting StrongFirst's message of health & strength - "beautiful strength."


Other Lessons in This Course

Module 1: Introduction to S&S

Welcome to world’s #1 kettlebell program!

Module 2: Take the “Brakes” off Your Strength

Before challenging a kettlebell, you must stop fighting your own body.

Unlock your tight hips and shoulders for a freedom of movement you have not felt since you were a kid with our patented minimalist mobility protocol of prying goblet squats, SF hip bridges, and haloes.


Module 3: The Deadlift—the Most Fundamental Strength Skill

We challenge you to find an exercise more “functional” than picking up a weight off the ground.

Or a progression as reliable as ours—with two thumbs up from elite powerlifting coaches and medical professionals alike.

Module 4: The Swing—“A Fat Burning Athlete Builder”

Build a sprinter’s glutes, a fighter’s six-pack, and a blue-collar grip with three variations of one mean move.

Module 5: The Get-Up—Your Strongman Mentor

This wrestlers and strongmen’s favorite will teach you how to move like an athlete.

(Resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs are just a bonus.)

Module 6: Recover between Sets Like a Pro

The worst thing you could do is sit and pant.

Decongest your muscles with “fast and loose” drills. Catch your breath with standard and emergency recovery techniques. Master the talk test.

Module 7: Stretch to Relax and Power Down

After hard work, loosen up your back and hips with the 90/90 stretch, the QL straddle, and the spine decompression hang.

Module 8: Sample Training Sessions

See the future of your own training.

Observe a lady performing the “Timeless Simple” standard in real time.

Watch a gentleman achieving the “Timeless Sinister.”

Module 9: Repeat until Strong

We have done our part; now it is your move.