Module 1: Intro

Lead Instructor:  Derek Toshner
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Hail the Tsar.

Meet the Machine.

Lead Instructor

Derek Toshner

StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor

Derek Toshner is a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor. He also has his degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Derek is a former track athlete, having run at the USA Olympic Team & USA World Team Trials in the 400m hurdles, as well as earning ten All-American honors (five being national titles) in college. He has won the Tactical Strength Challenge 14 times and has coached more individual winners than he has personally won.


Other Lessons in This Course

Module 1: Intro

Hail the Tsar.

Meet the Machine.

Module 2: Ready to Snatch

A state-of-the art mobility sequence.

Get loose and ready to rumble.

Module 3: The Clean

A snatch is a clean that ends overhead.

Lay a foundation for a perfect snatch.

Module 4: The Military Press

Because strong presses make confident snatches.

Module 5: The Reverse Half Snatch & the Half Snatch

In addition to accelerating your skill development, these cool drills will add muscle to your shoulders and upper back thanks to a unique type of loading.

Next, behold the magic of the next generation of snatch technique and instruction…

Module 6: At Last: The Snatch

…A “trampoline” launch… A new way to tame the arc… Subtleties of an effortless lockout… Free arm action for speed… Breathe like a machine… Pace like a pro… Put it all together… Avoid common mistakes… Follow along and reap ...

Module 7: Three Types of Grips

There is more than one way to grip the bell when snatching.

Which one is right for you?

Module 8: Hand Care

Boring as an oil change on a car—and just as essential.

Module 9: Breathing & Recovery

Amp your performance with sophisticated breathing techniques: Match the breathing intensity to the snatch intensity… 30/60/90 drill… Double the number of breaths per rep—while staying hard style… Recovery breathing, standard and emergency…

Module 10: The A+A/AXE and Q&D Snatches

A snatch is a snatch—but the timing and some other variables will change when you are orchestrating different metabolic events and adaptations.

Pay attention to the technique differences between A+A/AXE and Q&D snatches to get a total package of “what-the-hell effec...

Module 11: The SFG Snatch Test

A complete guide to turning a grueling StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor test into a walk in the park.

Techniques, tactics, planning, mistakes to avoid, and how to stay cool as a cucumber.


Module 12: The Tactical Strength Challenge Snatch

Putting up insane numbers in 5min demands a special high speed technique and a unique blend of toughness and relaxation.

Let a 14x TSC champion give you the exact blueprint to success.

Module 13: Conclusion

May you snatch fast and live long.

Bonus Module: Advanced Snatch Variations

When you are ready to venture into old-time strongmen’s territory: Dead muscle snatch… Dead power snatch… Power snatch variations… Hang snatch… Split snatch… Secrets of heavy snatching… Lethal grace shall be your reward.