Lead Instructors:  Fabio ZoninAnalisa NaldiGuido Posante
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The Ultimate Deadlift Guide for World Class Strength & Skill

The deadlift is the ultimate test of strength. At hardcore gyms, if you are not pulling many wheels, “You ain’t nothin’.”

The “dead” looks deceptively simple: Anyone can pick up a weight from the ground.

True. But not many can pick up a lot of weight—and even fewer can do it without blowing out their backs. “Dead” in the lift’s name is there for a reason.

All top deadlifters are ultimate technicians polishing their skill with as much attention and precision as archers and acrobats. If you are not willing to do this, go find a you-get-what-you-pay-for deadlift tutorial on YouTube and make an appointment with a chiropractor. But if you are ready to join the club of the strong and the skilled, KNOCK 'EM DEAD is for you.

At StrongFirst we treat the deadlift as the “health lift,” the name old time strongmen gave to a similar exercise. For us not getting hurt is not enough; our mission is to make you healthier and more resilient! Our deadlift technique has been refined from the best of what top lifters, medical professionals, and spine biomechanists have to offer.

Let Fabio Zonin, StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor and big puller introduce you to the intricacies of expert deadlifting:

  • Disassemble the deadlift down to its tiniest components and put it back together strong and safe.
  • If you are coming from a kettlebell background, make an effortless transition to he barbell. The skills you learn at our School of Strength are totally compatible with multiple strength tools.
  • Learn the pros and the cons of the conventional and the sumo deadlift styles and pick the right one for you.
  • Personalize your stance and grip according to your individual structure.
  • Learn StrongFirst gold standard performance cues: the best of Eastern European and Western science, intuitive discoveries of the finest coaches and lifters around the world, plus insights from medical professionals, polished and systematized to help you develop championship technique in record time.
  • Learn how to max like a pro—and when to take it easy.
  • Get two state-of-the-art training plans—with detailed instructions on how to personalize them—that combine one of the two most successful strength training methodologies in history with StrongFirst innovation. Guaranteed to work.
  • Because the deadlift is not only the ultimate lift but also one of the best total body strength exercises, excelling at it will imrove your sprinting, jumping, striking, throwing…

Whether it is your first barbell rodeo, or you are an experienced lifter ready to go to the next level, get this course and knock ‘em dead with your strength!

Course Lessons (5)

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Module 1: Enter the Deadlift!

Intro, safety, warm-up.

Not the same old stuff. Pay attention.
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Module 2: Conventional Deadlift

“The classic deadlift”… Personalize your stance and grip… Set up like a champion… No weak links, every muscle is loaded… The secrets of the “wedge”… The blast-off!.. Park the bar like a pro and set up for the next perfect rep…
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Module 3: Sumo Deadlift

Is sumo for you?... From the set-up to the lift-off, in great detail… Plug any tension “leaks”… Perfect your lifting mechanics… Catch and fix common mistakes… Maximize strength and safety with scientific breathing techniques…
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Module 4: Pro Tips

Grip options… Handpicked deadlift variations to boost your pulling strength and skill: with stops, slow, Hack, with a band, glutes to the bar… How to expertly handle heavy weights and PR attempts… About the training plans…
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Module 5: Bonus

When to use a belt—and how to do it like an expert.

What does it look like in action?—Watch Fabio and training partners’ live deadlift session.

Course Specs

Course Goals

  1. Master the #1 test of strength.
  2. Learn how to deadlift like a pro.
  3. Customize your DL technique for your body.
  4. Discover insider cues to amplify muscle tension—and lift more weight with greater safety.
  5. Access two state-of-the-art training plans—with detailed instructions on how to personalize them.
  6. Max like a pro—and know when to take it easy.
  7. Build a rock solid foundation for excelling at your sport by getting super strong.

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Lead Instructors

Fabio Zonin

StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor

Fabio Zonin is a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor. He is also the Ground Force Method National Director for Italy, the BPro Physical Functional Training Director for Italy, and the Flexible Steel European Director of Operations. Fabio is a former powerlifter, natural bodybuilder, and owner of fitness centers. He was the first Italian to accomplish the Beast Tamer Challenge. He has been a Master Teacher for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) for almost two decades (1994-2012) and the former vice president of AINBB (Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding).


Analisa Naldi

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

Since 2001, Analisa has been coaching on how to move safely, efficiently, and with strength. Her students include an array of competitive and recreational athletes, of all ages and abilities. Analisa brings a background that includes Hard Style Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight Instruction (StrongFirst Certified Team Leader), Olympic Weightlifting, Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), Flexible Steel (Certified Level 2), Original Strength (OS Pro Instructor), youth program design, Physical Education, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer education, and Vinyasa/Forrest Yoga experience.


Guido Posante

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

Since 2012 I attended and passed all the StrongFirst Certifications and gained my status of StrongFirst Certified Elite Instructor. During the years I assisted to every StrongFirst Certifications in Italy, assisted and taught as Pure Power Senior Instructor to many Pure Power workshops, founded my gym—X-Garage—and in 2020 I became a StrongFirst Certified Team Leader.