Derek Toshner

StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor

Derek Toshner is a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor. He also has his degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Derek is a former track athlete, having run at the USA Olympic Team & USA World Team Trials in the 400m hurdles, as well as earning ten All-American honors (five being national titles) in college. He has won the Tactical Strength Challenge 14 times and has coached more individual winners than he has personally won.

He was the founder of four gyms and a biometrics company in Wisconsin that are still thriving today. He has trained the Wisconsin FBI S.W.A.T. and local military battalions. He was one of just twenty-one instructors selected to the Nike Trainer network from 2012-2016. Besides now owning the Tactical Strength Challenge with his brother, Ryan, and teaching All-Terrain Conditioning for StrongFirst, today Derek focuses his energy on training mountain athletes and guiding, including working with the ultra event 29029 Everesting. Some of his major climbing accomplishments include summiting Aconcagua and Denali, the tallest peaks in both South and North America, respectively.