Module I: The Genesis and Philosophy of AGT

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Q. In an ideal world, with all the time available for athletes, I would say to train long periods for Type I since they are the slowest to adapt and the easiest to maintain, and I definitely agree that it's necessary for recovery systems later on (lungs, oxygen you know the deal), developing slow tiwtch postural muscles, and eventually it plays a huge role in increasing the work capacity in future programs. The problem I always have is that developing slow-twitch and fast-twitch concurenntly is suboptimal for athletes and I'd prefer if it could be periodized if slow twitch training didn't take so long. I noticed when cross training, athletes would cheat the training stimulus by sprinting and jogging to complete the distance, so it defeated the purpose of the training cycle. Do you advise if possible to always periodize the training or is there a way to do it concurrently?
ghettohoodsurgeon (3/22/2024 6:12 PM)
A. ghettohoodsurgeon—Pavel has a few articles on the StrongFirst site about slow fiber training: https://www.strongfirst.com/should-you-train-your-slow-fibers/ — https://www.strongfirst.com/how-to-build-your-slow-fibers-part-i/ (three part series) — Depending on the type of athlete and event being trained for the strategies laid out in the A+A approach should help with training concurrently.
Brett Jones
Q. On my webpage, only Module 1 is available which I've completed. Interesting stuff I've violated all kinds of AGT guidelines in my lifetime. My pulldown menu on this webpage has the Module 1 option only. Where are the rest of the modules?
Brian D. (2/29/2024 10:18 AM)
A. Brian D.—You will need to enter your access code from your purchase email and then the course will be available on your dashboard. If you need assistance please email: [email protected]
Brett Jones
Q. how can we combine a slow endurance and a strong endurance in the same week? in terms of slow endurance what you believe is the best option...for example 40' fast walking with a bag..40' steady pace (pass the talk test) bike?
pro (2/25/2024 7:21 AM)
A. pro—Many options are possible. Generally, try to be fresher for AGT than traditional steady state work. Re: the best option example you gave: If you are not training for a sport, any cyclical exercise that does not hurt you.
Brett Jones
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