Module 1: Breathing: The Basics

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Q. Greetings Brett! I have a question about the nasal vs mouth breathing. According to Pavel, nasal breathing increases the pressure to get the air in. Can I understand it as this: during nasal breathing the smaller hole creates more resistance to the air, which lowers the pressure of the airflow on the lung. The lung relaxes and there is more pulmonary diastole, getting more air in.
Luwuwu (4/19/2023 9:50 PM)
A. Luwuwu—The pressure is part of the "equation" (as you stated) and nasal breathing brings more diaphragmatic action which assists in the expansion of the lungs getting more air in as well.
Brett Jones
Q. As a hobbyist, not a trainer at least not at the moment, attending a seminar may not be ideal. However as an older practitioner of BJJ anti-glycolytic training interest my very much. So my question is: will there be a Strong Endurance online course available similar to Second Wind? Thanks!
Capo (2/12/2022 2:25 PM)
A. Capo—That may happen in the future but nothing is set yet.
Brett Jones
Q. Regarding 1+3 exercise, should I do it every day? When should I switch to maintenance? What would be a test/indicator for that?
boyara (11/17/2021 8:06 AM)
A. boyara—you can do it everyday (a few reps) and the Hench score will tell you when you can go into maintenance mode.
Brett Jones
Q. @Mike C -Trigeminal nerve
C4V14R (4/28/2021 11:50 AM)
A. Thank you
Brett Jones
Q. @Brett Jones @Mike C timestamp: 19:52
C4V14R (4/28/2021 11:47 AM)
A. C4V14R—Thank you. It is the Trigeminal nerve.
Brett Jones
Q. Thanks Brett. It starts around 19:45min.
Mike C (4/28/2021 9:39 AM)
A. Mike—thank you. It is the Trigeminal nerve.
Brett Jones
Q. What is the effectiveness of breathing resistance/restriction devices for increasing respiratory muscles' strength and endurance?
SFSparky (4/27/2021 3:24 PM)
A. SFSparky—I would recommend sticking with the exercises in the course for some time before entertaining resisted training devices. Hitting the KBs will provide a lot of the training of the respiratory muscles.
Brett Jones
Q. What was the name of the nerve behind the nose that was mentioned? I could not make it out from the video. Thanks.
Mike C (4/27/2021 10:28 AM)
A. Mike—can you provide me with the "time code" for when he mentions it and I will find out.
Brett Jones
Q. Dear Pavel, You mentioned that context is everything. What do you think is the best way to breath during a 10 seconds intense isometric exercise?
mbos (4/26/2021 2:35 PM)
A. mbos—In general the "breathing behind the shield" technique ("sipping air" without losing tension) would work best.
Brett Jones
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