Foundation Fitness

Foundation Fitness has multiple locations throughout the DC, MD and Northern VA areas. The Ashburn location is the only location serving as an accredited StrongFirst facility. We are a small 1100 sqft. personal training studio specializing in helping busy professionals move better and get stronger. With the concentration in corrective exercise and traditional strength training using kettlebells, body weight exercises, and barbells we are able to change people into resilient and remarkably strong men and women. We currently have four SFG instructors using this facility, including VA's only member of the StrongFirst leadership team. 

Gym Owner / Operator Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
I am a 50% owner in just the Ashburn Location.

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Lead Instructor (if different from owner / operator) Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
Brian Wright MS Exercise Science from George Mason Univ. CSCS, StrongFirst Team Leader, NSCA-CPT

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Assistant Instructor Name(s) and Professional Background

1. Instructor Names and Backgrounds
Former SFG Brian Stevens (needs to take level 1 again) Cynthia Crossaint, SFG, certified personal trainer Adam Lee, CSCS

2. StrongFirst Qualifications

3. Affiliate Qualifications

4. Other Qualifications
Additional Information

1. Training modalities / disciplines in use at your gym currently
We use Kettlebells primarily, but also use body weight, and TRX, BB, and DB training. We adhere to a strength training protocol outlined by StrongFirst Principles and NSCA.

2. Programming in use for private or group classes
The programming primarily follows a flow of - Dynamic Warmup/correction drills, skill drills, big movement patterns for the day (strength work), then conditioning work for the last 10-15mins, followed by either middle specific work, flexibility work, or more corrections/recovery work.

3. Listing of services / classes offered at your facility
Personal Training, Partner Training, and Semi-Private training (5-8 people) and Periodically, we run large 6 week group challenges as feeders into our main programs.

4. Demographics of gym users
We are 2/3 women and range from 45-55 year old in ages on average.

5. Ideal students
Again, we have a variety of students, but the averages are women in their mid/late 40's
Training Equipment at Use in Your Gym Currently

1. Kettlebells (brands, sizes, quantity)
We have a mix of Kettlebells (over 60 from 6kg - 48kg). They are DragonDoor bells and Rogue, and a handful of others

2. Pull-up bar (yes / no)
We have a wall of pull up bars

3. Barbell Equipment (bars, weights, racks, etc.)
We have two power racks with bars and bumpers.

4. Other Equipment
We have TRX straps, rings, a DB rack up to 50lbs, and misc. functional equipment.

Gym Specs

Leader: Brian Wright
Established Date: 9/12/2017
Phone: 703-559-4430


44927 George Washington Blvd #150
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
United States


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