Source 1 Martial Arts and Fitness

Source 1 Martial Arts and Fitness offers semi-private fitness training as well as small group classes in fitness and martial arts. Our background in kettlebells and powerlifting sets us apart from other gyms in Los Angeles in that we can address not just strength and conditioning, but also movement limitations with kettlebell corrective exercises. Our martial arts curriculum is built on the approach of Dan Inosanto who was Bruce Lee's right hand man. We focus on understanding the totality of combat so there are no stones left unturned and the chances of being caught off guard are slight.

Gym Owner / Operator Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
SFG 2, SF Team Leader, SFB Martial Arts Instructor: Muay Thai, Savate, Filipino Martial Arts, Maphilindo Silat, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun CrossFit level 2 coach

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Lead Instructor (if different from owner / operator) Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Assistant Instructor Name(s) and Professional Background

1. Instructor Names and Backgrounds
Lu Galvez: CPT, competitive powerlifter Sam Yoon: competitive powerlifter

2. StrongFirst Qualifications

3. Affiliate Qualifications

4. Other Qualifications
Additional Information

1. Training modalities / disciplines in use at your gym currently
All things StrongFirst: PlanStrong, StrongEndurance, S&S

2. Programming in use for private or group classes

3. Listing of services / classes offered at your facility

4. Demographics of gym users

5. Ideal students
Training Equipment at Use in Your Gym Currently

1. Kettlebells (brands, sizes, quantity)
Apollo and some DD KBs: 8k, 12k, 16k, 20k, 24k, 28k, 32k (2 each); 36k, 40k, 44k, 48k (1 each)

2. Pull-up bar (yes / no)
3 pull up bars

3. Barbell Equipment (bars, weights, racks, etc.)
Barbells: 4 men's bars, 3 women's bars, bumper plates (a little over 1000#), full squat cage, 2 nsquat stands, 2 benches

4. Other Equipment
Wing Chun dummy Recovery equipment: rollers, lacrosse balls, tiger tails, PVC pipes

Gym Specs

Leader: John Spezzano
Established Date: 8/1/2017
Phone: 323-821-9508


800 E. 4th St.
Los Angeles, California 90013
United States


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