Iron Skull Gym

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Gym Owner / Operator Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
SFG1 and SFL

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Krav Maga Global (KMG) Instructor and Kids Instructor Precision Nutrition Level 1
Lead Instructor (if different from owner / operator) Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Assistant Instructor Name(s) and Professional Background

1. Instructor Names and Backgrounds
Sylwia Jaroch

2. StrongFirst Qualifications

3. Affiliate Qualifications

4. Other Qualifications
Additional Information

1. Training modalities / disciplines in use at your gym currently
Krav Maga Kettlebells Body weight Barbell

2. Programming in use for private or group classes
At group classes we follow format where we go through a warmup, followed by mobility drills, strength/practice block usually finish by WOD that includes modalities that just has been practiced. At the moment we do no offer private classes.

3. Listing of services / classes offered at your facility
Krav Maga Classes kids and Adults Kettlebells and Body weight classes Barbell Club

4. Demographics of gym users
Male and Females age between 30 to 60 years old.

5. Ideal students
Willing to learn new skills and improve
Training Equipment at Use in Your Gym Currently

1. Kettlebells (brands, sizes, quantity)
All Kettlebells are Wolverson 4kg x 2 6kg x 2 8kg x 6 10kg x 2 12kg x 8 14kg x 2 16 kg x 8 18kg x 1 20kg x 7 22kg x 1 24kg x 8 28kg x 7 32kg x 4 36kg x 2 40kg x 2 44kg x 1 48kg x1

2. Pull-up bar (yes / no)

3. Barbell Equipment (bars, weights, racks, etc.)
3 Barbells 1 Squat Rack 1 Bench 240kg plates all Wolverson brand

4. Other Equipment
1 x Rowing Machine 1 x Assault bike resistance band Punch bags

Gym Specs

Leader: Piotr Jaroch
Established Date: 6/21/2022
Phone: 07964587629


The Pentagon Centre
Glasgow, Lanarkshire-Scotland G3 8AZ
United Kingdom


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