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Welcome to ANCHOR life + fitness, a holistic wellness facility located in the heart of Kennett Square, PA. The ANCHOR team cares about every movement you make and takes every effort to make sure you move the right way. Our experienced, highly educated, and skilled staff prides themselves on understanding your individual needs and can take you to new heights when it comes to strength training, yoga, and nutrition. We offer a variety of tools to help you reach your maximum potential and keep you safe while doing so. We aim to get you healthy and develop strength that will last.

It is our mission to empower, educate, and create the change to impact lives. 

We believe in dreaming big, hard work, and creating positivity for all of our employees and members.

Gym Owner / Operator Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
StrongFirst Elite

2. Affiliate Qualifications
Functional Movement Systems Certified

3. Other Qualifications
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 (Level 2 in process) Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology
Lead Instructor (if different from owner / operator) Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
See above

2. Affiliate Qualifications
see above

3. Other Qualifications
see above
Assistant Instructor Name(s) and Professional Background

1. Instructor Names and Backgrounds
Liam O'Donnell-SFG 1 Leigh Anne Emrich-SFG 1

2. StrongFirst Qualifications

3. Affiliate Qualifications

4. Other Qualifications
In training for their SFG 2, SFL, and SFB
Additional Information

1. Training modalities / disciplines in use at your gym currently
Kettlebells, bodyweight, barbell

2. Programming in use for private or group classes
General Warm-up Specific Warm-up Main Workout or lift (example: deadlift) Supplemental Breathing/Finisher Recovery

3. Listing of services / classes offered at your facility
-ANCHOR fit (combination of barbell, bodyweight, kettlebell, cardio, mobility) -Yoga -Massage -Nutrition Education

4. Demographics of gym users
Women and men 40-65 High School Athletes ~ 5% of population Equestrian Athletes

5. Ideal students
Women and men 40-65
Training Equipment at Use in Your Gym Currently

1. Kettlebells (brands, sizes, quantity)
Dragon Door Kettlebells: 8 kg x 1 10kg x 4 12kg x8 14kg x 1 16kg x 8 18kg x 1 20kg x 6 22kg x 4 24kg x4 28kg x2 32kg x2 40kg x 1

2. Pull-up bar (yes / no)

3. Barbell Equipment (bars, weights, racks, etc.)
5 Bars 4 rack stations in front 1 in back 4 benches plates

4. Other Equipment
Dumbells 2 concept 2 rowers 1 concept 2 ski erg agility ladder boxes jump rope rings foam rollers mini bands Thera bands

Gym Specs

Leader: Charlene Richardson
Established Date: 5/28/2019
Phone: 610-444-5433


112 S. Broad St.
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348
United States


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