Course: STRONG ENDURANCE™ express by PAVEL

Lead Instructor:  Pavel Tsatsouline
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There are times when simply enduring is not enough. One must carry on at a high level of strength or power.

A football game. A wrestling match. An obstacle course in a full kit. Moving grandma’s antique furniture.

For decades such endurance had been built with “met cons.” Then a top sports scientist reframed the question and changed history…

What if instead of training the athlete to tolerate ever increasing concentrations of lactic acid we trained him to produce less of it?

Anti-glycolytic training (AGT) was born.

Our Strong Endurance™ curriculum is the last word in AGT. It consolidates the best of the Eastern European and Western research with StrongFirst’s experience.

From Chase Sexton winning the Supercross Championship, to Justin Verlander receiving the Cy Young award, all my athletes across the board have greatly benefited from Strong Endurance protocols.

Not only does Strong Endurance provide great templates to follow, more importantly, it opens up a world of knowledge to create sound, science based programming for all your athletes and students.

Peter Park, strength and conditioning coach to professional athletes

For those of you who have been unable to take Pavel’s seminar, we have filmed a streamlined version. Watch STRONG ENDURANCE express in your living room without the risk of getting “volunteered” for a demo in front of the class. (Hover over each of the 10 modules to get an idea of what else you will learn.)

After watching 4 hours of lecture and 1 hour of demoes by our instructors, download these plans and templates:

  • 3 “Metal Heart” kettlebell snatch or swing plans for ruthless endurance and aggressive fat loss
  • Strength Aerobics template for fighters
  • 2 Strength Aerobics circuits for combat and team sports (one with a barbell and the other with any type of resistance)
  • 3 powerful pullup protocols:
  • Failproof routine for beginners
  • Fast acting strength endurance plan for intermediates
  • State-of-the-art serial-interval method for the advanced (also a great lesson in programming)
  • Scientific plan to excel at the NFL combine bench press
  • A straight path to 100 consecutive pushups
  • Super Slow 2.0 template for building slow twitch fibers for endurance sports (kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, or bodyweight; you choose the exercises)
  • A wealth of AXE (aerobic exercise for type IIX fast fibers) applicable knowledge:
  • AXE sprints’ guidelines for team sports
  • AXE heavy kettlebell snatch plan for the Tactical Strength Challenge
  • AXE jump circuit for basketball and volleyball players’ endurance
  • Awesome barbell AXE circuit for any athlete
  • Develop striking power and power endurance by throwing a kettlebell or a rock according to the AXE rules
  • 3 serial-repeat AXE templates for combat and game athletes (applicable to sport-specific skills like striking and throwing and to general training with a kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight, and more)
  • “Alt-S&S” kettlebell swing progression
  • Aerobic bodyweight lunge protocol from biathlon that works for anyone seeking outdoor endurance and fat loss—plus the rules of anti-glycolytic uphill running
  • Classic hard style Rx for building multiple qualities (power, power endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle building, fat loss) with heavy kettlebells
  • Double kettlebell C&J plan for muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, and conditioning
  • Heavy kettlebell swing plus military press unconventional muscle builder
  • 3 variations of a radical Soviet muscle building template
  • An incredibly tough but surprisingly low acid peaking template for fighters—prepare your mind without trashing your body

While delivering remarkable performance and body composition improvements, anti-glycolytic training will fortify your health.

The primary adaptation target of anti-glycolytic training are mitochondria. They are a lot more than our cells’ power plants. Scientists call them “the masters of life and death.” Healthy, strong, and abundant mitochondria make you more resilient to a variety of stressors: cold, heat, altitude, infection, poison, radiation, etc. On the other hand, mitochondrial dysfunction is a likely cause of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and aging.

Beef up your mitochondria and your health with Strong Endurance while reaching your athletic and body composition goals.

Staying power and health to you!

Course Lessons (10)


Module I: The Genesis and Philosophy of AGT

Learn the science of anti-glycolytic training in simple terms. Change your view of endurance training forever.
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Module II: “Cardio” is Overrated

Low correlation between VO2max and endurance…The dangers of redlining your heart rate…Classic interval training vs. “HIIT”…How to increase VO2max with weights—and how not to do it…Training the blood vessels—a secret of the pros…
Part of Course

Module III: A Hybrid Conversion Kit for Your Fast Fibers

Main premise behind Verkhoshansky’s revolution…His original experiment…Why power exercise rules…Great all-around way to train—enjoy your “what-the-hell effects”…The alternative to intervals…The SF stop signs…Kettlebell AXE simplifi...
Part of Course

Module IV: Variations on the AXE Theme

Serial-repeat method rocks…Downsides of max power training…”Casual power” is the answer…How to benefit from recovery’s nonlinearity…Volume and other load parameters for different needs…5 variable methods for pros…
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Module V: Hybrid Conversion Completed

Metal Heart and Strength Aerobics for hard living…2 state of the art kettlebell snatch or swing plans for ruthless endurance and aggressive fat loss…Score high on the most valuable GPP test for MMA…Biathlon’s aerobic lunges for all…
Part of Course

Module VI: A+A for Fighters and Supermodels

Incredible long lost research reveals how to make high intensity exercise aerobic and fat burning…Snatch death march protocol for select few…Lifter’s dream: “singles” for “conditioning” and fat loss…Lessons from heavy labor…3 AXE models&he...
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Module VII: Non-Stop

Strength for endurance…How to build up to 30 pullups or 100 pushups or swings without killing yourself…Split sets and ladders…Pullup master’s serial-interval protocol…Why hanging on a bar will not improve your pullup grip—and what will…
Part of Course

Module VIII: Glycolytic Training—the Right Way

Peak performance with a well dosed and timed acid spike…Glycolytic power repeats—least stressful glycolytic training method bears “what-the-hell effects”…Buffer acid by building fast twitch fibers…Make less acid by building slow fibers…
Part of Course

Module IX: Planning

Know your variables and change one at a time…Magic of step loading…Advantages of wave loading…Manage the conflict of strength and endurance…Why you cannot improve on multiple fronts at once—and how pros do it over time with “leapfrogging”…
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Module X: In Action

Select Strong Endurance plans and templates demoed by our certified instructors…Kettlebell snatches…Swings and more swings…Cleans, presses, and front squats…Pullups…Step-ups…Pushups, fast and slow…Explosive calisthenics plus heavy bag…

Course Specs

Course Goals

  1. Understand the dangers and downsides of high heart rates and lactate levels and the need for an alternative method.
  2. Learn the basic science of anti-glycolytic training.
  3. Discover four AGT methods for different intensities and types of muscle contraction.
  4. Access a dozen of state-of-the-art plans and templates applicable to kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight training and sport specific exercises.
  5. When you can’t avoid high heart rates and lactate levels, learn how to prepare your body for them in the healthiest manner possible.

Test Your Knowledge

There are not currently any tests related to this course.

Lead Instructor

Pavel Tsatsouline

CEO of StrongFirst, Inc.

Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the Russian kettlebell to the West in 1998 and started the kettlebell revolution.

A former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, Pavel became a Subject Matter Expert to the elite of US military and law enforcement, including the Marine Corps, the Secret Service, and the Navy SEALs. His training system has been implemented by special operations units in two countries closely allied with the US. Pavel founded StrongFirst, the “school of strength,” to bring “low tech/high concept” methods of achieving high performance and resilience to men and women from all walks of life, not just elite warriors and athletes.

Pavel earned a sports science degree in the former Soviet Union and authored a number of books, including bestselling Kettlebell Simple & Sinister, the definitive guide on kettlebell training. Pavel’s books have been translated into many languages—including Russian. A kettlebell in his fist, he was voted the ‘Hot Trainer’ by Rolling Stone and appeared in media ranging from Pravda to Fox News to Tim Ferriss Show and The Joe Rogan Experience.