Analisa Naldi

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

Since 2001, Analisa has been coaching on how to move safely, efficiently, and with strength. Her students include an array of competitive and recreational athletes, of all ages and abilities. Analisa brings a background that includes Hard Style Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight Instruction (StrongFirst Certified Team Leader), Olympic Weightlifting, Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), Flexible Steel (Certified Level 2), Original Strength (OS Pro Instructor), youth program design, Physical Education, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer education, and Vinyasa/Forrest Yoga experience.

She focuses her time and passion in educating her students on healthy, sustainable ways for them to move and learn, specific to their lifestyles, brought to life with StrongFirst Principles, especially those of patience and consistency. This enables her students to fully engage in their process while learning and becoming empowered.

She’s game for anything active that challenges the body and mind, preferably one that will start with the sun rising and ending with her acquiring new skills and a level of respect for herself, her abilities, and those that participated with her. And regardless of the weather, this farm-raised, California born Italian woman is on a surfboard, wake-board, or stand-up paddle board somewhere nearby.

Creating community through movement, education, and long-lasting habits is at her core; more than a fun by-product, she believes it is the foundation of what helps create life changing experiences.