Yoana Teran

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor
Yoana (StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor, Elite, SFG II, SFL, SFB, Primal Move Coach, & Physical Therapist), a native Venezuelan, has inspired, trained, designed programs, given nutritional consulting and rehabilitated hundreds of people for more than 15 years. Her passion for helping people is evident in her up tempo, dynamic, fun and Latin teaching style. She received a Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Caracas in Venezuela. Her career involves years of radio and television production, organization of sporting events, and Seminars.

She won The National Tactical Strength Challenge 2005 and 2006 Women's Division.

Selected Top 10 National RKC Instructor.

Author of the “Kettlebell Mommy™” Manual designed to guide, encourage and teach pregnant women how to stay fit & healthy while pregnant.

Co-Author of the “Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program” Book and DVD Series. This book and DVD series is a 12 week training and nutrition program designed to transform people’s physique and transform their health, Co-Author of the “Quick Results Kettlebell Workout” DVD designed to boost endurance, strength and cardio conditioning, Co-author of the “Revolution Solution” Combining Ropes & Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness & Fat Loss and Co- Author of “Kettlebells en Español” DVD.

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