Guido Posante

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

I’m graduated in Environmental analysis and management of marine ecosystems.

During my adolescence I played soccer and practiced bodybuilding.

At the age of 22 years old, during a soccer match I broke my anterior cruciate ligament and quit soccer...but not bodybuilding. After 8 years I had my anterior cruciate ligament operation and during the operation the surgeon performed an osteotomy of my femur. After seven months of rehabilitation I went back to the gym. The instructor of the gym suggest to me to train with leg extension, leg curl, Squat at the Smith Machine, but I had always pain in my right knee. I was not satisfied. I wanted to understand how training better and how to fix my knee. So I decided to became an instructor.

I had heard of the bodybuilding instructor courses organized by the FIF (Federazione Italiana Fitness) and that in Sicily the teacher of the courses was Fabio Zonin. So I attended the course in Sicily. During a break I asked to Fabio what I could do for my knee and he answered: “Heavy squats, deadlifts, and swings. ”I asked: “Heavy?” Fabio explained: “Heavy for you. If it means that you have to practice squats, deadlifts with a wooden stick, you have to practice with a wooden stick.”

I had to re-build my motor pattern, became strong mentally and physically. I knew how to perform squat and deadlift, but not the swing. So I attended to many worshop with Dario Paratore (RKC Level II at that time). I fell in love with kettlebells and decided attending to the RKC Certification in 2012.

During that time Pavel founded StrongFirst and I started my journey in the StrongFirst world.

Since 2012 I attended and passed all the StrongFirst Certifications and gained my status of StrongFirst Certified Elite Instructor. During the years I assisted to every StrongFirst Certifications in Italy, assisted and taught as Pure Power Senior Instructor to many Pure Power workshops, founded my gym—X-Garage—and in 2020 I became a StrongFirst Certified Team Leader.

A friend once told me:
“Strength is a Challenge between You and Yourself…
Don’t Care about the Others and Grind those Weights!!!
The Force of Gravity can be Overcome by Strength and Skill!!!”

And since then I made sure that my every day was based on those words.