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Becoming a StrongFirst Accredited Gym

StrongFirst is THE School of Strength and a trusted and increasingly recognized brand in the strength and fitness world.

In turn, our StrongFirst Accredited Gyms enjoy the name recognition, trust, and legitimacy that comes with their official StrongFirst affiliation. No longer a risk to be taken on an unknown gym, the StrongFirst affiliation provides a significant reassurance to a potential student looking for the best place to train and receive quality strength instruction. That quality control and the goodwill attached to our name is our obligation, and we take it seriously.

In addition, StrongFirst Accredited Gyms enjoy the following benefits:

  • Prominent exposure and recommendation on the StrongFirst website
  • Ability to display StrongFirst signage on the facility exterior
  • Ability to host official StrongFirst open days (launching soon)
  • One Online Recertification of StrongFirst credentials per year (see below)
  • Other special discounts and accommodations for StrongFirst events, etc.

Plus, StrongFirst Accredited Gyms now receive:

  1. Access to the new StrongFirst Teaching Course. This online course details not only the StrongFirst Teaching Principles but also presents ideas on how to build your instructional team at your StrongFirst Accredited Gym.
  2. Wholesale pricing on StrongFirst branded kettlebells. (Subject to availability)
  3. All StrongFirst Accredited Gym current trainers receive a 10% discount on registration to any StrongFirst Special Event.
  4. The value of one Online Recert can now be applied in a number of ways—utilize it for one trainer or divide the cost between multiple trainers:
    1. Providing one recert = $349
    2. Split to provide a discount on 2 recerts = $174.50 x 2
    3. Split three ways to provide a discount on 3 recerts = $116.33 x 3
    4. Split four ways to provide a discount on 4 recerts = $87.50 x 4
    5. Split five ways to provide a discount on 5 recerts = $69.80 x 5
  5. You can apply the $349 Online Recertification value towards the current registration price of an in-person certification for a new trainer (only SFG I, SFL or SFB). Before completing the registration, please connect with the Certification event coordinator to verify this option is available and to receive the registration code.

Several requirements must be met to be considered for and qualify as a potential StrongFirst Accredited Gym. Please review those here.

Requirements for Becoming an Accredited Gym

Minimum Levels of Instructor Certification for a StrongFirst Accredited Gym:
  1. StrongFirst Instructor Credentials: At the accredited gym, at least 2 StrongFirst Instructor credentials must be held. They can be held by 1 person or amongst 2 or more people (e.g. 1 person with both StrongFirst Girya [SFG] and StrongFirst Lifter [SFL] or 1 person with SFG and another person with SFL).
  2. NCCA Accreditation: It is not necessary to hold an NCCA Accreditation, but if an Instructor does hold this accreditation, it should be listed and provided to StrongFirst.
  3. Minimum Certification Level: More than 50% of the facility's trainers must hold at least one current StrongFirst Certified Instructor credential.

All Instructors providing StrongFirst Services must be current in their StrongFirst Instructor credentials. Any training sessions and classes advertised by Licensee as taught according to StrongFirst's methods (or reasonably interpreted to be so taught) must be taught by Instructors holding a current StrongFirst Instructor Certification credential relevant to the given training session. This limitation applies to both the group programming described in this Agreement and individual and group programming according to Plan Strong™ and Strong Endurance™, and related programs or sessions. For example, an Instructor must hold an SFG Instructor credential in order to teach a kettlebell class featuring the anti-glycolytic method; or there must be an SFB Instructor credential if the trainer is teaching a TSC pull-up class, etc.

Gym Facility Requirements:

Licensee shall comply with the following requirements during the term of this Agreement in order to maintain the quality of the services and goods related to the Licensed Marks:

  1. Size: There are no minimum size requirements, but Licensee’s facility must be large enough to safely accommodate all attendees and to allow safe training.
  2. Appearance: Must be clean, organized and well-maintained.
  3. Equipment: All equipment must be of commercial quality and sufficient in number and quality to be able to perform StrongFirst program activities. All equipment shall be used in compliance with all manufacturers’ requirements, and shall be maintained and inspected regularly.
  4. Marketing: Gym must have and maintain its own website and link back to the StrongFirst.com website. Gym must provide to StrongFirst a well-shot and well-edited video training tip, square in format and less than 60 seconds in length, shot within the gym space, to help StrongFirst promote the Accredited Gym.
  5. Support the StrongFirst Mission, embody the StrongFirst Core Values and live by the StrongFirst Code.
  6. Host an official StrongFirst Course at least once yearly, to the extent that at least one trainer at the facility is a StrongFirst Course Licensee.
  7. Host a TSC (Tactical Strength Challenge) event at least once every year.
  8. Safety: We require that the accredited facility have procedures in place for protecting the safety of students. The accredited facility should also have industry standard procedures (for example, National Strength and Conditioning Association's Emergency Policies and Procedures) in place in case of a medical emergency.

The accreditation committee makes all decisions on whether the facility approval as an accredited facility. Satisfying the above requirements does not lead to automatic approval. The instructors, facility, and geographic location all play a role in the final decision.

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 To use my Accredited Gym to support the StrongFirst Mission: To pursue, practice and promote strength.

 To embody the StrongFirst Core Values: Strength, Honor, Team.

 To live by the StrongFirst Code:
  1. I am a Student of Strength
  2. I am a Teacher of Strength
  3. I am a Quiet Professional
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I acknowledge that I understand and accept all StrongFirst Gym Facility Requirements as detailed in the StrongFirst Accredited Gym Licensing Agreement.

I acknowledge that I understand and accept the StrongFirst Gym Payment Guidelines as detailed in the StrongFirst Accredited Gym Licensing Agreement.

I agree to represent StrongFirst with the highest standard of professionalism.

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