About StrongFirst Online Training

Welcome to the site of StrongFirst's Online Training. For more information about StrongFirst and its many programs, products and other resources, visit StrongFirst.com.

Online Training is a convenient resource, but nothing replaces in-person instruction.

The fact is, nothing that can compare to learning directly from a StrongFirst Instructor and training in a StrongFirst Accredited Gym. There are times, however, where you need to supplement your training, perfect a technique, or you cannot get to an Instructor. That is the purpose of this site: to provide you with the best information available outside of live, in-person instruction.

Use the courses within this site to learn the skills, refine your technique, and maximize your results.

Learn, practice and perfect.

Through these online courses, you will develop a solid foundation for reaching high levels of strength—quickly, safely, and without interfering with your duty, job, or sport. When possible, visit a StrongFirst Accredited Gym to take your skills and your strength to the next level.

StrongFirst sees eye to eye with Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky: “Theory without practice is as limited as practice without theory.” Our methods are scientifically and empirically based and have a proven record with professional athletes, elite military and law enforcement operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to be weak no more.

Power to you!