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whole word
Q. Hi There, I am having some trouble with the respiration in longer set (especially if I linger in the bottom position). Can you please clarify the breathing pattern? Thank you, Nicola
Corkoz82 (10/28/2021 1:09 PM)
A. Corkoz82—what do you mean by "longer set"? 3-5 reps will be a good range for the goblet squat. Breathing pattern—inhale during the decent (or before the descent) descend to the bottom, pause for a second and grunt to initiate the ascent and exhale in the top third of the movement. If you are prying at the bottom you need to either set the bell down and come up without load (if you have exhaled fully at the bottom) or "breath behind the shield"sniffing air while staying tight. And only perform one or two reps.
Brett Jones
Q. Hi, folks. I'm working on my goblet squat beginning with the tri-set for goblet squat. Can you look at my hinge to squat and provide some feedback. I have some limited mobility in my posterior chain... probably should work on that. https://youtu.be/2mZan9wQVPg
diamonddavegasman (1/26/2021 4:24 AM)
A. Diamonddave—couple of things—the hinge to squat is designed to help you find the squat pattern from the "bottom up" by hinging and then dropping into the squat. If you can squat without it then you don't need it. The elbows need to find the VM (vastus medialis or tear drop muscle of the quad) and then pry out and drop into the squat.
Brett Jones
Q. In regard to the decent, I am having difficulty seeing how the goblet squat is different from the dead lift. Is it correct that in the dead lift the hips go further back to load the hamstrings more, and that the back is more angled, and that in the goblet squat the hips do not go as far back and the back is more vertical? Many thanks.
clutch959 (10/22/2020 10:13 AM)
A. Clutch959—In the Goblet squat the movement of the hips is more "straight down"—there is one GSq variation where we use the hinge to find the squat but outside of that the movement of the hips is more straight down (if using a clock as an analogy the hips move toward 6-7o'clock where in the hip hinge/deadlift the hips move toward 8-9o'clock). Hope that helps.
Brett Jones
Q. Hello, What’s the maximum number of goblet squats you should be able to do before going to a heavier kettlebell? Thank you for your time.
saintjeffrey (10/17/2020 4:02 AM)
A. It is difficult to give a "set" guideline on this. A possible guideline is to be able to do 5 x 5 with a particular weight. However, it depends on what you trying to get out of the Goblet squat. If you are using the prying GSq for opening the hips and improving the squat you might not need to go "heavier." And you might be able to start using a heavier weight for singles or low rep sets before you hit a "standard" number of reps at a lower weight.
Brett Jones
Q. The kettlebell don't have to stay against the chest during the Goblet Squats?
SidicleiSouza (7/30/2018 8:31 PM)
A. The kettlebell does not have to stay against the chest during the goblet squat. This allows for the kettlebell to be more of a "counterbalance" and further assist in improving and learning the squat.
Brett Jones
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