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Life is better when you're strong.

Find your strength with Pacific Strength.

We have Personal Training, In-Person Classes through the City of San Clemente, Program Design, and FMS screening available. 

Gym Owner / Operator Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Lead Instructor (if different from owner / operator) Professional Background

1. StrongFirst Qualifications
Valerie Hedlund, CSCS, SFG TL, SFB, SFL Gina Steele SFGII Sharon Dressel SFG

2. Affiliate Qualifications

3. Other Qualifications
Assistant Instructor Name(s) and Professional Background

1. Instructor Names and Backgrounds

2. StrongFirst Qualifications

3. Affiliate Qualifications

4. Other Qualifications
Additional Information

1. Training modalities / disciplines in use at your gym currently
Kettlebells, Barbells, TRX, Bodyweight

2. Programming in use for private or group classes
The Val Special =) - a mixture of push strength, push cardio, pull strength, pull cardio, mobility, and now AGT. I rotate these types of workouts in a 6-week cycle, so that if you come only on Mondays, you'll get all 6 types & if you come MWF, you'll get all 6 types every 2 weeks!

3. Listing of services / classes offered at your facility
Kettlebell Conditioning classes & Foundations classes (for beginners)

4. Demographics of gym users
30-80y/o, 70% female

5. Ideal students
40 y/o female who's tried lots of other forms of training but hasn't found something that really works for her. She's tired of being entertained/yelled at and wants to do something that works... in a supportive environment with teachers who are knowledgable & kind & other students who are encouraging & competitive (in the nicest possible way).
Training Equipment at Use in Your Gym Currently

1. Kettlebells (brands, sizes, quantity)
Kettlebells- RKC, Ader, kettlebellsusa from 6kg-48kg; Barbells- 1 craigslist =), 1 Pendlay, 1 Something else

2. Pull-up bar (yes / no)
Rogue rack for pull-ups & barbell work;

3. Barbell Equipment (bars, weights, racks, etc.)
Bumper plates- craigslist variety & 1 Set of Pendlay, we have 6x10lb, 8x15lb, 2x25lb, 6x35lb, 8x45lb; Metal plates- 4x2.5lb, 5x5lb, 8x10lb, 4x25lb, 4x35lb, 4x45lb

4. Other Equipment

Gym Specs

Leader: Valerie Hedlund
Established Date: 2/26/2018
Phone: 9492916093


806 E Avenida Pico
San Clemente, California 92673
United States


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